Thursday, May 23, 2019



In memory of Gary Paul Franz Jr.

Written by J. P. Richardson-Smith

All the broken people wait
At the pool that heals.
If you've been shattered,
You know how waiting feels.
I see the starving stomachs-
The sightless,
Filmy eyes...
I see the limping legs,
And fragile, feeble minds.
I've lain here by the water
For almost thirty years.
My kind are all passed by
But He collects our tears.
Now the pool has started stirring
And I do not feel alone
When my deaf ears hear
A voice so clear
Inviting me back home.
So I leave my rotting shell behind
To find
I'm finally free
Of the curse of sin
And all the pain
That's caused by disease.
Baptized fully, head to toe
The scales from my eyes fall.
If the only thing I've ever seen
Is He;
I've seen it all.
Yes, baptized fully, head to toe
The scales from my eyes fell...
He said my mission is complete and
I have finished well.

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