Friday, October 21, 2016

Everything is Conditional

Just as the borderline perceives acceptance as conditional, so rejection can also be seen this way.  If I were only attractive enough, smart enough, rich or demanding enough I would get what I want. 

Adjusting to a world that is continually inconsistent and untrustworthy is a major problem for us.  Our universe lacks pattern and predictability.  Friends, jobs and skills cannot be relied upon.  I have to test and retest all of these aspects of my life; I am in constant fear that a trusted person or situation will change into the total opposite absolute betrayal.  Experience has taught me this is always a likely outcome.  A hero becomes the enemy; a perfect job becomes the bane of existence.  Our need for reassurance is insatiable.  We fear that support will be withdrawn the moment we cease to please.


  1. an accurate descript of earth life anxieties, Joy: the randomness of inconsistencies all around, then multiplied & doubled again within the human cube. Physicists have identified the cause: quantum tunneling, an effect which randomly shifts tiny bits of the present world ahead into the next millisecond of time-future. "Chance", the meaning of the Hebrew name & tribe of Gad.

    In fog of unpredictablity, fear is the true villain and betrayer. 365 times, men & women have been reminded in messages from God (Scripture) to be fearing no man, no circumstance. Once fear is put down like a rabid varmint, uncertainty then holding no option but to be adding to our joy.